Building something awesome using A.I. and mini-organ matrix




The human body is a holistic system, its biology is multi-faceted and intricately interconnected. Traditional drug discovery and development efforts have relied on simplified models and reductionistic tools to discover and test new drugs. Now it's time to make a change.

Xellar is a Wet-AI, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning combined with large-scale wet-lab experiments, biotech company tackling the most challenging problem in modern drug discovery – harnessing the complexity of human biology to accelerate drug discovery and development.




Employ a range of human-relevant Organ-on-a-chip models that mimic human biology by combining human cell sourcing, an organ-specific microenvironment, and tissue-relevant mechanical stimuli


Employ high throughput screening, high content imaging and artificial intelligence, machine learning data analysis to produce a rich profile for different cell populations suitable for detecting subtle biologically relevant phenotypes


Employ microfluidic-based Organ-on-a-Chip technology that is designed and developed for scalability and high throughput lab automation to meet drug discovery and development needs


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